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  1. see thru map holder that attaches to belt

    I have seen thru hikers with see thru map holders that attached to your belt. Where can I get one? Cannot seem to find one. Do you use something similar?
  2. Preplanning: Pros/Cons of starting month

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Toad View Post
    The attached article doesn't speak directly to your question about best starting times, but if you are concerned about weather and crowds, it does lay out the options available to you. Good luck to you.
  3. 2015 NoBo Gear List Critique Please!

    Quote Originally Posted by bat_manatee View Post
    First things first, you can find my list here:

    Planning on March 25 - April 5 start window. I'm a recent Army Vet, I'm in good shape and I'm used to walking a long way with a MUCH heavier pack. I know my feet, I like being outside and know what its like to be "miserable", wet and dirty, etc.

    I have yet to purchase an insulation layer, so feel free to give input on that. I'm currently torn between Down or Synthetic Mont-Bell offerings....synthetic
  4. Miss Janet, Mala, Trail Angel Mary & Baltimore Jack in Trail Angels feature story

  5. Mileage needed - Pine Grove to Pole Steeple

    Hello all!

    This is my 1st post

    So back in early October, a buddy and I drove out To Caledonia State Park from Canton, OH. Saturday we hiked from the Overnight A-T Parking Lot in Pine Grove Furnace to Route 30. We each had issues with our MapMyRun app, but we figured that was about 21.2 mile jaunt?

    Sunday, I drove back up to Pine Grove Furnace. I wanted to check out the ATM. BUT I was there too early. After talking to a (awesomely nice) PGF park ...
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