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  1. Leaving Early (12/5/14)

    Well, we have actually decided to leave earlier than the 15th of December. Today is currently the 5th and I believe there is a good chance that we will be out of here by tomorrow or the end of the weekend at the latest. Those ten extra days seem to be warm in Georgia, so why not do this? Why not get some more warm days if we can? To be honest, the anxiety here at home is too much and we need to go…we need to just get in the car and go. Someday, everyone reading this will get the entire story behind ...
  2. December 4th - More Prep – but almost there!!

    December 4th - More Prep – but almost there!!We officially bought our last necessity today! How crazy is this?!

    Almost everything has been sold and now we are planning our trip to Georgia. We also ordered the AT Companion Guide last night and it should be here tomorrow. JB is keeping an eye on the weather and today, it was actually WARMER in Dawsonville, GA than it was in Las Vegas today. Needless to say, JB and I are both ready to go.

    We have a plan for the car, we have ...

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  3. A Few Things bought for the trail....

    11/30 – Some things bought for the Trail…
    Today was a productive day in terms of the hike…We picked up our packs and a few odds and ends. We are in the process of selling everything we own basically to run off to the trail. This has been one hell of an experience as we realize that we are about to step into the unknown. We basically are only leaving back enough money to get a new apartment when we get done with the trail. We may stay in Maine or we may go back down to North Carolina. We honestly ...
  4. A New Adventure and a New Life pt. 2

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    Over the course of prepping for this journey, I have come to realize that everyone has their reasons for making the decision to walk five million steps, willingly (WHAT?!). My story, while different from JB’s, sounds eerily similar to some I have heard recently. Bottom line…I need to find myself.

    As JB said, our story begins in Orlando, FL, where we met. I was running from a life in Indiana and decided to take a job in Florida for change. I had an ...
  5. A New Adventure and a New Life…

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    11/29 – A New Adventure and a New Life…

    As 2014 comes to a close, this year was filled with many ups and downs. I will let Stacy tell her story, and I will tell my own. In the end however, the results of this year is leading me towards one of my biggest dreams that I have ever had…The Appalachian Trail.

    This is a dream that I began around 3 years when I began prepping for a thru-hike of the AT. I had a family, wife, and a world ...

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