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  1. Hiking and leadership

    I celebrated my thru-hike as part of an important birthday in 2000.

    The simplicity of Trail life is reassuring and allows quiet contemplation about people and organisations.

    In this blog I seek to make a link between the lessons I learned from long-distance hiking and what this might tell me about leadership in organisations. Your comments and reflections are welcome.

    Strategy, planning and execution
    We need ...
  2. From DWG to Katahdin in 2015

    I am looking for a hiking buddy for the last leg of the AT. Don't really need anyone to walk right with me, unless we luck out and walk at the same pace. It would be nice to have someone to connect with at the end of the day.

    AKA Phoenx in 2013 and 2014

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  3. Advice to Future ATers from a 2014er

    Quote Originally Posted by Wired View Post
    Hi All,

    I did a post that I hope all of you will find helpful in your prepartions...Good luck!
    ~Wired PCT 2011, CDT 2013, AT 2014
  4. Long trail question

    Does anyone know the direction that most people start? and also what time of year is the busiest?
  5. Halfway there after two more days of ultimate slackpacking!

    The most recent statement on the length of the A.T.
    gives an answer of 2180 miles.
    This means that section hikers such as myself have passed the half-way point once they have hiked 1090 miles. After my most recent multi-day hike, I calculated my total miles covered as 1081.8 -- meaning I needed just over eight miles to get to that half-way point.

    Due to my (basically successful) effort to minimize difficult hiking ...

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