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  1. Worries and concerns [PRE HIKE]

    There are not to many worries and concerns that I have that known serious issues on the Appalachian Trail. I will voice a few concerns tha I have though.

    Even though I have talked to literally hundreds of hikers that have thru hiked in the past and they assured me that the first two are nothing to worry about. I still have some other concerns.

    1. Rattle snakes. Hiker says they are rarely ever seen and when they are seen they are out in the sun sunning themselves and nothing ...
    2010 Pre Hike blogs
  2. Finances and bills [PRE HIKE]

    Finances and bills for the thru hike were one of the biggest obsticals. I assured the funding for my hike fives years ago when I made a monthly direct deposit into a separate savings account. I never touch the money that was put into that account. The funding for the hike is secure.

    Bills are another obstical that need to be tackled and the best way for me to do that was to get all my loans paid off. All loans were paid off this past summer. The only loan left is my mortgage. My military ...
    2010 Pre Hike blogs
  3. Trail name [PRE HIKE]

    When I retired from the Navy and got involved in the AT community I had not received a trail name. On one of my hiking trips I was sitting at a shelter one evening and talking to some thru hikers about how they got there trail name. One was retired Air Force. He looked at me and said you should be called Navy. They called me Navy for the remainder of the night and into the next morning. When we departed our ways I was walking with my friend and told him that I do not want to have the trail name ...
    2010 Pre Hike blogs