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  1. Tattoo

    Well, I did it. I got my tattoo and a haircut. I don’t feel like a new man though. My friend told me that I would be a new man. I still feel the same, old.

    I went to Brunswick today and hooked up with Shiloh, a WhiteBlaze member. Shiloh thru hiked in 2008. We sat and talked for 2 ˝ hours. It was great to see his eye light up when he talked about his thru hike. I know I will feel the same way when I tell my tale of my thru hike. He showed me many of his photos from his hike. ...
    2010 Pre Hike blogs
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  2. Springer Mountain countdown: 27 days

    It's a month to go for my GA->WV '10 hike. I anticipate beginning the hike on March 10.

    I'll be traveling by Amtrak March 8 from DC to ATL.

    I started this blog mostly as a way to link to the hiking community here at Whiteblaze, which I discovered in person at a hiker feed in Monson, ME at the end of my WV->ME '09 hike.

    My real blog is here. I'll be looking to share posts between the two platforms, as well as twitter, trailjournals etc. Hopefully it's ...
  3. Life changing

    I am glad to announce that I have every piece of gear to start my thru hike now. I am so ready for this. Tomorrow morning I am getting my AT tattoo and then off to get my haircut. I was told by a good friend that after these are done I will be a new man. We’ll see about that.

    I have only two more weeks of work left. I am just over a month away from my start date.

    I have been exchanging emails and chats with some other hikers that I am really looking forward ...

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    2010 Pre Hike blogs
  4. 2010 Hiking Gear list for the AT

    ULA Circuit= 2lb 2oz
    WM Alder MF= 2lb 2oz
    Gossamer SpinnTwinn= 9oz
    Ground Cloth +Stakes= 7oz
    Pack Liner Compactor Bag= 2oz
    Sleeping Pad= 8oz
    Total=5lbs 12oz
    DIY Bug net= 15oz (pick up when needed)
    Black Diamond Trail Trekking Poles= 1lb 2oz (ducktape on both)
    NF Filght Searies Wind Shirt= 3oz
    Columbia Fleece= 8oz (no zipper)
    WM Vest= 7oz
    Silk Cashmere Shirt= 9oz (for sleep)
    Terramar Leggins ...
  5. The troubles of packing light.

    Perhaps I can blame the Army, but it was in my nature even before to take more than I needed more often than not. Lately I've been working on a packing list for long distance hikes (3 weeks or more) and I can't seem to get my total weight (from base layer out to pack) under 72 pounds. That doesn't seem like that much to me now, since it's pretty common for me to carry as much as 80-90 pounds for my miscellaneous professional duties. But if I consider hiking 250, 500, or even 1000 miles, I could ...