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  1. Best blog of 2015

  2. Fontana to Davenport in November

    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Bluebird View Post
    I agree with all the comments regarding safety! That is why I floated the post in the first place. I wanted the experts' advice and that is exactly what I am getting. I wish I could go now, but heading to New York and Vermont next week and then back for a 4 week teaching assignment in Kentucky. Just to clear one thing, the boys 27 and 25 have spent quite a few days on the AT and in the Daniel Boone National Forest. However, my wife is a tough cookie, but I do not want to risk her health and
  3. Considering an Alternative Thru-Hike for 2016

    Quote Originally Posted by BirdBrain View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Klynn View Post
    I'm really worried about the river crossings, and don't want to be alone when I do them.
    I am unaware of any super dangerous river crossing. Of course I only have New England experience. Here us a bit of advice on that. First and foremost, do not be afraid to get wet. Getting wet is often the safest option. Rock hopping can be hazardous. Do not seek the calmest water. Calm water often means deep. Think volume of water through area. If the spot is calm and narrow in one area and rough
  4. Considering an Alternative Thru-Hike for 2016

    Quote Originally Posted by HazBen View Post
    Planning and gearing up for a 2016 flip flop from Harpers Ferry to Katahdin then back to Harpers Ferry to Springer.
    I am humbled by the difficulties some of the 2015 Flip Floppers have had but I'm not detoured. Will really take it slow and steady or as the trail dictates.
    I read the entire 2015 flip Floppers Unite thread. Would love to hear news of 2015 Flip Floppers. Danger Dave how are you? How many finishers do we have?
    My husband and I plan to make reservation at Harpers Ferry
  5. First test of new Atmos 65 AG

    I packed the Atmos 65 AG full with just about everything I would need for an overnight trek, but wasn't planning to sleep out tonight. This was just a test of the new pack, so I could get the feel for the pack on my back when loaded to about 35 lbs. I hiked 8.5Km on the AT from Elk Pen (on Arden Valley road at the west edge of Harriman park) to LP junction, then took LP to ASB back to AT.
    I wanted not only to get a feel for the pack, but to know whether or not I could get through Lemon Squeezer ...