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  1. Jazzing up a staple... Ramen redone!!

    Jazzing up a staple.... Ramen redone!

    Terri here,

    In an effort to prepare meals that are: lite, good tasting, filling and easy, I have taken a backpacking staple and jazzed it up a bit! Most everyone on the trail has eaten Ramen Noodles at one time or another. Some hikers eat it almost every day, while others can only stomach it when it is the last option in the food bag. Dreamer and I enjoy Ramen occasionally right out of the bag; however, I think you will find that ...
  2. Blockbuster hit finally released!!!


    Dreamer here,

    The long awaited, greatly anticipated, highly acclaimed nominee for this years best all around movie review has been released!! Dreamer and Terri have spent hundreds of hours and months in the making of this video. For a short period of time, (very short) we are offering FREE screenings of this mega-hit!

    Watch it now, because you donít want to be the last one on your block to say you have seen this. ...
  3. Recipe: Turkey Chicken Au Gratin for Freezer Bag Cooking

    RECIPE: Turkey Chicken Au Gratin for Freezer Bag Cooking

    The long awaited recipe we've had so many requests for! It was an experiment from a recipe originally from Hungry Hammock Hanger, who made beef stroganoff. I tried using turkey and chicken and it turned out exceptionally well, delicious in fact! He does some creative things with Freezer Bag Cooking, which we almost strictly adhere to for our cooking. We've thus far prepped almost 80 meals similar to this style, with various ingredients... it's ...
  4. Backpacking in a Volcano... Priceless!!

    As many of you know already, Tom and I have been backpacking for a number of years, him much longer than I... and it's really his passion- the hiking at least. I'm all about the destination. I don't see much sense in hiking without a's like going round and round in circles, unless you have somewhere as a GOAL. He, on the other hand, is all about the 'journey'... the hike, the oogling the scenery and watching for wildlife and 'being in touch with nature.' Me. Just tell me ...
  5. The Great Crash of 2012!!

    The Great Crash of 2012!

    Horror of horrors, it happened. Just imagine, you have been putting all most favorite treasures in your closet for a couple months, and one day you opened your closet to get your things out, and the closet was empty! Empty, not a video or picture file could be found! You guessed it; the closet is my computer. The great crash of 2012! One day, it was all there. The next, it was all gone!

    As most of you know, I have been learning ...