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  1. training for the AT thru hike 2013 :):)

  2. Blisters, Blisters, Everywhere!

    We have had quite the adventure but it's not over yet. Just a couple more days and we will have walked a total of 146 miles. We experienced our first "trail magic" when Debbie gave us apples and oranges. We ended up trespassing and jumping a fence when we got stuck on a boardwalk after the ocean tried to swallow us. The kids surprised me with their resilience when we walked 6 miles of the beach and they collected shells weighing their packs down with an extra 5 pounds at least. That day ...
  3. Gear Preperation

    [QUOTE=bigcranky;1393487]The stove is way overkill. Nice stove, but it's really made for high altitude expeditions and the like. An alcohol stove weighs a few grams.

    500 tabs is probably not enough, but you can start with 50 and buy more along the way. No reason to buy them ahead - mailing them to yourself just adds to the cost.

    I'm sure the hammock is fine - though if it's 1.5 pounds just for the hammock body, a little heavy. What are you doing for a tarp system over ...
  4. Shaw's Lodging (Pat Shaw)

    Quote Originally Posted by Cathy53 View Post
    Hi, My name is Cathy and I am Pat Shaw's daughter-in-law. Pat lives with my husband, Paul and I. She is struggling with lung cancer. We don't know how much time she has. We take it one day at a time. She is in hospice care. I was hoping to get the word out to some of the hikers who stayed at Shaw's when she and Keith still owned it. It was the best part of her life and I know it was hard for her to let go of the place. It would thrill her to no end to hear from any hikers who stayed there.
  5. 1/14/13. Done with gear?

    Every time I think I'm done buying gear something else comes up. 8 different pieces of gear on way to the house from all over the country yay! Looks like I'll meet my 35lb pack goal!

    Gotta buy AWOLs guide today. And Big Agnes air mattres pump.