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  1. Tool for calculating elevation gain on the AT?

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    Map Man has an article where he reports his calculations for elevation gain and drop per mile for each section of the trail. I extracted this data to a spread sheet and used it to calculate total elevation gain and drop per section. From this, you can easily calculate the drop and gain for any section you are hiking. The data is probably a few years old, so there will be some differences between today's numbers and these numbers. But I don't know a better data source. What is different about these
  2. Freezer Bag Cooking Recipe: Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice with Mushrooms

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    I was supposed to be backpacking this week but my daughter's last minute decision to attend Homecoming changed all that

    The next best thing is to come up with a recipe that I was able to try out on a hike the other day. I love the homemade version of this stuff, so thought I would try a trail version.

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    The full write up is here

    1 packet Lipton Cream of Chicken Cup a Soup
    1/4 cup freeze dried chicken
  3. Pasta Sides

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    I do quite a bit of "freezer bag cooking" and have used various brands. The key is to get freezer bags and not storage bags. Quart-sized bags work well. Ziploc sells some now that have flat bottoms.

    Trailcooking has some information about the safety aspect.

    My favorite is "Thanksgiving dinner" - some instant mashed potatoes, instant gravy, instant stuffing, and some canned meat. For weekend trips I will prep the ziploc bags ahead of time (adding all