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  1. Fist Solo Overnight

    Just trying to think back on some recent-ish hikes to document before I forget a lot of the details. I am working on section hiking Georgia this year.

    End of July 2016

    I gathered up the courage to try a solo trip, in hopes that my fiancé at the time would join me on the weekend when he was off work. I drove the 3 hours or so North from Augusta to Blairsville, GA to pick up where my friend and I left off the previous month at Neel's Gap. It was particularly dry on this ...
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  2. First Backpacking Experience Part II

    Ok so I left off at the Hiker Hostel. Let me tell you. This hostel is nice! It's a log cabin in the mountains, 3 levels, with a great rocking chair porch in the front and a grilling/firepit/swing deck in the back. There's a chicken coop and few of those tiny homes that they rent out. There are some private rooms inside along with two (that I saw) 4-person bunk rooms. You get linens/towel and they had a huge collection of hiker boxes full of free stuff people have ditched along the way. There's a ...
  3. First Backpacking Experience

    I'm not sure where I became interested in backpacking. I guess I got a wild hair. Nobody I knew did this. I've just always loved the woods, and this was the best thing I could come up with for full immersion if you will. It's a little crazy, and that's my thing. It only took so long to act on because I had no idea where to start. There are no long distance trails where I grew up in East Texas. I've visited numerous state and national parks where I've done day hiking but never with weight. The idea ...

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