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  1. Some interesting bits and pieces regarding this weekend's trip

    So the past few days have been a scramble to get the little things done for my husband's pack. Repackaging, weighing, counting calories, and making sure that all is set up for an enjoyable first time backpacking. This has been good for me. It has made me step back and look at my own pack as I have watched beginner videos and such trying to make sure that I keep his needs forefront and not go into my mile crunching auto pilot mode. I listen to youtube on my way to work and have read several blogs. ...
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  2. And So It Begins...

    I'm officially preparing for my first thru hike: The Pinhoti

    After the success of my first solo trip, I feel confident enough to tackle this one in two sections. The first section is scheduled to take place in September during which I will hike the Alabama portion and then hopefully, in the months that follow, section hike the GA portion.

    It is still undecided whether or not my husband will accompany me as he is just now getting into backpacking. His birthday is this ...