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    I stayed overnight at Maupin Field Shelter - very nice area. lots of tent sites, privy, and bear bag pole all there. I was just there and it was open with lots and lots of people camping there.
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    It is a beautiful area! I love it! Can you provide me with any information as to whether the Maupin Fields Shelter is still opened? I had heard through some articles that the Maupin Fields Shelter has been permanently closed- when you passed by in August was it still up and running? I use the bear pole for storing my food; but I haven't been to the Maupin Fields Shelter since April of '17

    Thanks for any info! Happy Hiking!
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    Thanks for the info. I will be hiking there in May and will be looking for the spring!
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    Thanks! We'll see how far I can get this year.
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    Great video. Thank you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kenbrenner
    Nice video Kaptain, thanks for sharing...
    . thanks kenbrenner!
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    Nice video Kaptain, thanks for sharing...
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    Love your videos and hope to see more.Congrats on 25 years....
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    Fantastic,great video
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheriff Cougar
    I like it!
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    I like it!