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Alpine Bomber

  1. Please support my hike and get a $100.00 gift card!

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    Hey everyone, want a $100 REI gift card? I know backpacking is an expensive lifestyle. I'm working on figuring out how to fund my hike this summer. Luckily, I work for REI, and for everyone who signs up for a visa with them, I get a sizable bonus, and you get $100.00 gift card to buy new gear, plus 5% dividend/cash back on in store purchases, 1% everywhere else, for no sign up fee, and no annual fee. It's perfect for gear loves, and you'd really be helping me out. All you have to do is apply and
  2. In which I resort to begging.

    As those of you who have been following this journal know, I've been off trail for a month with a stress fracture in my foot. I still made it to trail days (I was in the front of the parade and safe, as was my immediate hiking group, although those were were injured remain in my thoughts) and generally had a blast reconnecting with my trail family and getting caught up on the stories I missed while rehabing my foot. It just made me want to get back out there more. My foot is feeling so much better ...
  3. Still thru-hiking

    I know journalling hasn't exactly been my forte lately, but then again, neither has hiking. I kept opening WhiteBlaze, writing a few sentences, and ultimately deleting them and procrastinating. I'm currently in my own bed at home in Virginia, and I couldn't quite bring myself to tell all of you that my hike was over. I hiked out of Gatlinburg a few weeks ago feeling amped up and ready to hike. My left foot had been bothering me a little, but heck- it's the AT. Something always hurts a little. We ...
  4. It's raining and nasty here in Gatlinburg

    Hitched into Gatlinburg yesterday after a beautiful sunset summit of clingman's dome the night before. The plan was to not stay in town today but the boardwalk-esque tourist trap ensnared us. We're sucking it up and hiking out tonight the three miles to the first shelter in the rain and possibly snow tonight. Here's to hoping the shelter isnt too full and we don't have to set up camp in the rain. Three nights from now I'

    ll be in a hostel (so long as they don't have the plague there) ...
  5. Little Caesars is my god. And my demise.

    Neil and I were feeling pretty much like ballers after our 16 mile day yesterday (crossing the 100 mile mark!), and figured we would do 4 into Franklin today, and then hike out, maybe even past what we'd planned, after our resupply. There's a Little Caesars next to the Ingles here and a $5 Hot-N-Ready seemed like just the thing. Throw in some cheese sticks and we'd be golden. Apparently we're also lethargic and unmotivated now. So full, so greasy. It's looking like we'll be lucky if we make it more ...
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