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  1. N2TW: Appalachian Trail 2014 - Episode #26 (Guess Who's Back?)

  2. Appalachian Trail Journal Entry #19 - The AT is not it for New 2 The Wild!

    Once this trail is over, one of our next adventures that we are going to try to get into is SCUBA DIVING and underwater photography....I want you all to know that our adventures will never stop...This is NOT just about the Appalachian Trail. Yes, in 2013, it is, but eventually you will see the PCT, CDT, Florida Trail, Scuba Diving, etc....I plan on jumping into several adventures. I just woke up one day and said, "I am tired of sitting around doing nothing"...I realized how much of LIFE ...
  3. Appalachian Trail Journal Entry #18 - GEAR List!

    Ok, I just did my food list, so please go check that status out and give me ALL advice that you feel will be helpful. Now, lets talk about gear lists...Here is what I plan on taking...I will gladly update with the actual models as we go...

    Packs x 3
    Bags x 3
    Tent (3 man)
    Pack Covers x 3 (Trash bags?)
    Stuff Sacks x ??
    Thermarest Pads x 3
    Roll Sacks x 3

    Cups x 3 ...
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