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The Wanna Bs 2016 Hike

A flight of fanciful dreaming into reality a hike of the AT

  1. Journal

    Do to the lack of responses, I have moved my journal to
  2. Preparation for 2016 Walk

    I read so many journals a couple of years ago and spent hours reading here as well as reading my books about hiking the AT, but I had to start focusing on my job and my family. Now I feel almost like I am starting over. It seems as though the AT is no longer the AT I have read about. I hope all the negative hype I am now seeing is an exaggeration.
    In any case, the time has come. We decided to do it a year early, thinking that we will be lucky to be able to complete the walk at our age ...

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  3. Washington DC -

    As a Texas girl dreaming daily of someday thru hiking the AT, I find myself in Washington DC just a couple of hours from an access point to the AT. URG! How I want to skip out on meetings and catch a ride to the AT and just hike a few miles just to ....I don't know get a foretaste that goes a baby step beyond just reading and reading and reading of other's adventures on the AT.

    I can not wait until the spring of 2017, my target date. I WANNA B an AT through hiking gal. ...