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  1. Videos of Loner and Wildcat posted

    Yay! finally!! Loner must have stayed up all night to post a set of new videos. He's posted 9 more videos at his You tube Journal Loner2012 AT http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NShbD...hannel&list=UL of his trip through the rugged trails of Maine from Monson to Caratunk. This time we get to travel with his girlfriend.. Jeannine or Corajeanine or Jean she answer to all). Jeff has given her the name Wildcat. She came to out to hike with him for a week. Still more to come ...
    AT thru- hiker
  2. Loner entering Maine today!

    er has finished the Whites and should be entering Maine today. He's posted a new of new videos at his You Tube Journal http://www.youtube.com/user/Loner2012AT.
    I'm so excited and I know he is too! Plus he has some exciting news to share.
    AT thru- hiker
  3. Fatherman and Loner on the AT 2012

    Fatherman has posted his video of when he and Loner finally got to meet each other in Kent, CT.
    Loner has been following Fatherman's video blog since before he left on his own journey north - how fitting they met at a laundromat. Both Loner and Fatherman are AT film journalists filming their way along the AT so Loner was very excited to finally meet one of he great inspirations. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmKbs5AuuRw&feature=plcp
  4. Loner/Snakesseion now in Mass.! at 1500 miles

    Yesterday, August 1st I heard from Loner and he had reached the state where he was born 40 years ago. Massachusetts. He was born in a small lakeside town, called Dracut, Mass, which at one time was a sort of holiday spot where we lived across the street from a state park. The remnants of park rides and food stands were still scattered around the lake when we lived there.
    He's posted about 15 new videos since my last post. Lots of interesting things in NJ, NY, Conn. including car races, ...
  5. Snakesession/Loner 2012 AT reaches Vernon, New Jersey

    I heard from my son Loner a few days ago and he's now reached Vernon, New Jersey and is probably beyond the 1,350 mile mark now. He's recently posted a batch of new videos. The most recent are #70-74 at his You Tube AT Video blog, Loner 2012 AT
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTuZg...hannel&list=UL . And before that he has posts from Pennsylvania (well, some of these are rants, Maryland and more. Lots of varied terrain. He spent the hot days trying to hammock hang ...
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