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Starting out Fresh

Fresh, not like the clean white linens that I like to smell as I open a pack newly bought from the store.
Fresh, like a wound that is just finished healing.
This is how I am starting, comming out from a nightmarish past and flying toward a flashing sun bright future. I can seriously almost picture all the yellows and strong oranges skimming past my eyes as I squint into what I truly hope is one hell of a story. A good story. With a great ending. But I have to get away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I cant see myself getting past pains out without going somewhere quiet to think.
I get closer and closer to sick agitation as I live out this life expected of me.
Get up.
Get up. Work. Sleep.
The same monotoneous life every one lives and never seems to complain about. Maybe it is because of my unconventional sometimes painful upbringing that I seem to be one of the few to question the inflections crying out in my dark ragged soul. We were made for more then this. Werent we? If not, then why this itch to explore every seductive vista? Why does it kill me to stay in one place for too long?

  1. my hobo stove i made

  2. how to get from Gaineville GA grey hound bus station to the start of the trai?

    Who do I contact to get information onhow to get to the trail if we are getting there by grey hound bus we leave the 30th of April and The Hikers Hostle is too expensive We plan on doing a thru hike and I cant dish out $200 for my kido and I to stay there for one night. Help please if you know of anyone who can drive us up to the start of the trail for less then $70 then Message back
  3. camping supplies You tube videos I made about our equipment This is my first video for our camping supplies. sorry for the horrible editing :P This one is Part 2
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  4. Does an iphone work just as well as a lap top

    I just bought a lap top for the trip and now i think i may may have made a mistake its heavy and bulky and i dont even know how i am going to get serivce out there with the thing. can i use an iphone just like a lap top ex: blogging staying in touch with friends camera and video recording map look up. the reason i post in here is because for some reason i am not able to post in the forum section i may not be doing it right.
  5. How to put into words how I feel right this minute?

    How to put into words how I feel right this minute?
    My daughter and roommates are all snoozing.
    I went outside to smoke a cig and looked up into such a vast sky. Tredecillions of stars are blinking at me. And I think to my-self “God,if you’re up there… and can hear me down here, good job…. You did such a good job.”
    I feel so placated with life and the awesome power of it. The exquisiteness.
    This is my time. During this time I am not a mother. I am not a friend, sister ...

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