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  1. Books by dudes my age who hiked the AT

    Thanks for that one, Bill! It'll be something to refer to in those moments when the Real Hikers make me feel like a fraud.

    Quote Originally Posted by Just Bill View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Heliotrope View Post
    I resonate with your conundrum. Just Bill has made some very good points. I'm wondering if this might be an opportunity for a new white blaze forum. Seems there are a lot of us middle-age guys that want both financial freedom and the ability to take extended backpacking trips. I am not a through hiker yet. But there seems to be want to be through hikers that have
  2. Northville-Placid Trail, SOBO, starting around October 7

    Just so I don't forget this advice. Not being a fisherman, I suspect that I'm not going to spend weight on fishing gear for a long trip, but I do hike fishy places from time to time.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dogwood View Post
    Come out and hike a section with me. If you catch 'em, I'll clean 'em and cook 'em.

    Does that apply to the dirty dishes in the sink I currently have too? That's a great offer but other hikes are already on the hiking itinerary and I'm scrambling to fit those in between work commitments
  3. What's a clueless weekender?

    Quote Originally Posted by Teacher & Snacktime View Post
    This brings to mind Another Kevin and his claim to be a "Clueless Weekender". I cry SHENANIGANS! A weekender he may be, but Clueless? NOT HARDLY!!!
    I initially adopted the label to mock one of the people here who was repeatedly complaining about how the Trail's resources (shelters, nice lunch spots, viewpoints, whatever...) were taken over by the clueless weekenders. I think the guy was one of the 'entitled thru-hikers' that we hear about.

    After some months, ...
  4. NOAA high elevation forecasts

    Quote Originally Posted by Another Kevin View Post
    In the Northeast, the NOAA "higher summits" forecasts are invaluable, because they tell you what to expect in the mountains, rather than in the towns. Ones pertinent to the A-T include:

    Caribou, ME http://www.nws.noaa.gov/view/validPr...=REC&node=KCAR Katahdin, Cadillac, Moosehead Lake

    Updated 04-03-2016 at 09:45 by Another Kevin (Update obsolete links)

  5. This recipe looks to be worth a try..

    Journaling this so that I don't lose it.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Old Boot View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Hot Flash View Post
    Dehydrated kimchi works very well, as long as it's the cabbage type rather than the types made with things that don't dehydrate well, like cucumbers. Another cabbage meal that works very well is haluski.
    Have you got a recipe for Haluski that dehydrates well - I think mine might have too much oil in it to dry well and stay safe.

    Lazy Cabbage Rolls works well although the recipe I've got is for a group so you'd have to
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