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  1. You choose a title! (Part 1)

    I had several ideas for the title to this blog, but couldn’t decide which to use. If I thought anybody would take the time to respond to this blog, I might ask for a vote. Instead, I’ll just make it clear that my tales could be titled -
    “Better Late Than Never”
    “Not Ready For Prime Time (ie, the Whites)”
    “A Tale of Two Walks”
    “For Lack Of a Hiking Pole”
    “Quote from Lethal Weapon

    It is certainly a legitimate question on why I have no A.T. hiking ...
  2. Maybe I was too hard on myself

    In September of last year I stated that I was reconciled to two, undeniable facts

    Even though I am even MORE reconciled to the Phillies not winning the World Series this year, it seems that I might have been too pessimistic about my own capabilities.

    Due to my less than stellar performance last year, I concluded that I was going to have to work up ...