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  • Siestita's Avatar
    Today, 23:19
    Siestita replied to a thread Dehydrated beans in General
    I ;like this recipe fromAmdrew Skurka. It uses Santa Fe brand dehydrated (pre-cooked) beans.
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  • HooKooDooKu's Avatar
    Today, 23:13
    How many MPD are you willing to do? If the answer is in the ball park of 10MPD (even with a 3,000'+ climb) there are several 2 night hikes you can...
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  • Pringles's Avatar
    Today, 22:32
    Well, if you aren’t going to do your thru until next year, you have time to test a few different packs. I assume you know some other hikers, who...
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  • Analog_Kidd's Avatar
    Today, 22:03
    Or, if it's on your way home, look at the Big South Fork. The John Muir and Sheltowee trace trails go thru there and offer some spectacular scenery....
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  • Analog_Kidd's Avatar
    Today, 21:56
    Definitely get a permit. The permit system is there for a reason, and people skirting around it will ruin it for the rest of us. Weekday...
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  • Deadeye's Avatar
    Today, 21:54
    Deadeye replied to a thread Dehydrated beans in General
    Dehydrated beans, like those you can get at, are pre-cooked, then dehydrated. they rehydrate quickly. You can add them dry to...
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  • rickb's Avatar
    Today, 21:53
    rickb replied to a thread Justifiable homicide in General
    Your perspective is flawed. Unfortunately, when it come to anything associate with guns, everyone is not treated equally ó in some...
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  • Strategic's Avatar
    Today, 21:52
    Unless there's a proper bear box, I always hang my food using my own resources. The key to keeping the mice out is two-fold. First, be sure you hang...
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  • Tipi Walter's Avatar
    Today, 21:39
    Tipi Walter replied to a thread Dehydrated beans in General
    Some of the best beans to cook and dehydrate at home are lentils---2 lbs of dried lentils make enough dried lentils for 10 or 15 days worth of...
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  • bkflex55's Avatar
    Today, 21:35
    Hello all. My wife and I are planning for an AT thru hike next year. She is 5"3 and around 110lbs. We are both in our early 50s. She doesn't have...
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  • peakbagger's Avatar
    Today, 20:36
    peakbagger replied to a thread Dehydrated beans in General
    Dehydrated beans were cooked then deydrated. If you dont mind a bit of crunch you can eat them raw. Sort of like Corn Nuts. Dried Beans are not of...
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  • Time Zone's Avatar
    Today, 20:26
    IIRC, the Skyscape isn't a true double wall, it's a hybrid. The sides are (in essence) double-walled, but the "roof" is single-layer fly with no...
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  • PennyPincher's Avatar
    Today, 20:20
    PennyPincher replied to a thread Justifiable homicide in General
    legally and financially depend on the state. MA - you're life is screwed. Tx - not so much.
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  • evyck da fleet's Avatar
    Today, 20:16
    Sb, thanks for the info on the snow and that Sunrise Grill won’t be open when I roll through.
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  • Time Zone's Avatar
    Today, 20:16
    Time Zone replied to a thread Dehydrated beans in General
    I found out the hard way (kind of) that there's a big difference between dried beans and dehydrated beans. Sounded the same to me, but there's a...
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  • JNI64's Avatar
    Today, 20:04
    JNI64 replied to a thread Justifiable homicide in General
    I'm almost sorry I started this thread. But somebody was bound to anyway I have a suspicion. Ya know every scenario discussed above is a possibility...
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  • soumodeler's Avatar
    Today, 19:31
    Love my Notch, I would look into the Notch Li if you don't mind the price. The Li solves the biggest complaint I have with the Notch, which is the...
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  • perrymk's Avatar
    Today, 19:14
    perrymk started a thread Shoe size in General
    Iíve read in a number of places that hikerís shoe size increases during a thru hike. Is this increase permanent or does oneís feet return to their...
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  • TwistedCF's Avatar
    Today, 19:09
    Awesome read, thanks for posting this!
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  • Venchka's Avatar
    Today, 18:51
    Venchka replied to a thread Dehydrated beans in General
    It depends. Where the beans cooked first before being dried? My wife buys raw dried beans. Soaks them for 24 hours. Then cooks them for 3-4 hours....
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  • iAmKrzys's Avatar
    Today, 18:35
    Several years ago I posted a similar, albeit more extensive list on VFTT:...
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  • Five Tango's Avatar
    Today, 18:27
    Five Tango replied to a thread Justifiable homicide in General
    True,they are not infallible and generally are not admissable in court but for some reason,law enforcement seems to consider them a valuable tool as...
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  • JNI64's Avatar
    Today, 18:24
    JNI64 replied to a thread Justifiable homicide in General
    Really wow, now it's a possible cover up for a fellow police officer!
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  • WesleyCBruce's Avatar
    Today, 18:23
    WesleyCBruce started a thread Dehydrated beans in General
    I have never used dehydrated beans before. My question is- if dehydrated beans are placed in water and just sit will they absorb the water and be...
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  • FamilyGuy's Avatar
    Today, 17:57
    Item has sold.
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  • Kelso's Avatar
    Today, 17:46
    Iím actually considering the Skyscape as well. I just noticed that the Solo isnít double walled and the Skyscape is. So far Iím leaning toward the...
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  • 4eyedbuzzard's Avatar
    Today, 17:23
    Owls can make some amazingly loud and scary sounds at night. The 6" tall, 1/2 pound Eastern Screech Owl has sent many a full grown man cowering in...
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  • TNhiker's Avatar
    Today, 17:20
    TNhiker replied to a thread Justifiable homicide in General
    well... they could (and probably are) waiting to see what the prosecutor says about all this............or they can even take it before a grand...
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