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    Camping near Harpers Ferry

    Thread Starter: Coffee

    I'm planning a southbound section hike in April starting at Harpers Ferry. My train from DC gets into HF around 5:30pm and that should leave a couple

    Last Post By: EastCoastClimber Today, 00:40 Go to last post

    Underplanning vs Overplanning

    Thread Starter: Cassafras

    I have always been what I consider to be an overplanner. When I travel, be it for vacation or family visits, I always have a solid itinerary. I'm fine

    Last Post By: Dogwood Today, 00:39 Go to last post

    Hydration Port Placement - Bottom instead?

    Thread Starter: Bluegrass

    I have a question that might have an obvious answer that I am just not seeing.

    Why are hydration ports on packs on the top of packs? Does

    Last Post By: anvil440 Today, 00:37 Go to last post

    what is your PCT 2015 budget?

    Thread Starter: HarryHoodHiker

    Dear class of 2015 or past years. What is (was) your PCT thru-hike budget?
    I am going to completely re-outfit myself gear wise which i assume will

    Last Post By: HarryHoodHiker Today, 00:13 Go to last post

    First Section Hike - NY/NJ

    Thread Starter: dwpphoto

    Hey guys.

    I'm new to the forums here and I also new to the AT. I've been hiking for a while and I'm very eager to try a hike through NY/NJ

    Last Post By: wi11ow Today, 00:06 Go to last post

    Seam Seal

    Thread Starter: smithjv

    Anyone use ATMOS silicone waterproofing spray as seam seal? Seems easier than rub-on from tube. Work for silnylon?

    Last Post By: smithjv Yesterday, 23:33 Go to last post