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    Flip flop 2016!

    Thread Starter: semicolon

    Greetings from the trail! I thought I'd reach out to you all who are planning your 2016 hike. I am only five days into my flip-flop and have enjoyed

    Last Post By: FlipFlop2016 Today, 01:15 Go to last post

    DIY HAMZ Starlyte Alcohol Stove

    Thread Starter: fotofisher

    First off, mucho magna cudos to Zelph for the incredible alcohol stove designs at Zelph Stoves. Those designs were inspiration for the stove I now use

    Last Post By: fotofisher Today, 00:21 Go to last post

    Looking to meet up/hike with others in NC

    Thread Starter: tsharrington

    I've been planning a hike with a friend who I found out today is unable to join me. While I did most of the Georgia section alone I'd love to join up

    Last Post By: tsharrington Today, 00:12 Go to last post

    PCT Days Aug 28 - 30, Cascade Locks

    Thread Starter: BrianLe

    I can confirm that as of this morning there are still tent camping sites available for PCT days, as I just booked three of 'em my self (have two out of

    Last Post By: BrianLe Today, 00:09 Go to last post
    Thomas Chapman

    Tri-Cities Regional Airport to Damascus

    Thread Starter: Thomas Chapman

    I'm trying to plan out how im going to get to damascus from the closest airport. I couldnt find any bus routes in the area and id rather not spen $150

    Last Post By: Thomas Chapman Yesterday, 23:49 Go to last post
    mountain squid

    2016 Thru-Hike Registry

    Thread Starter: mountain squid

    Just noticed that the 2016 sub-forum is open. All of you 2016 lurkers, it is finally your turn!

    Trail Name


    Last Post By: FlipFlop2016 Yesterday, 23:47 Go to last post