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    Bear Bag poll question

    Thread Starter: hikernutcasey

    So the other thread about bear bagging got me to thinking. I was taught to always hang my food but recently have been rethinking this. Especially after

    Last Post By: Lone Wolf Today, 07:15 Go to last post

    How much cord do I really need?

    Thread Starter: wamodr01

    I have the traditional 50ft. of para-cord at 3oz. The 50ft just seems a bit superfluous for my intended use (bear bagging). What could I reasonably get

    Last Post By: Deacon Today, 07:07 Go to last post

    Half Mile Maps: How many?

    Thread Starter: NicNic

    Last year I hiked the Te Araroa and I found a company back at home who were able to print my maps on indestructible paper and i'm hoping to do the same

    Last Post By: NicNic Today, 06:41 Go to last post

    Nantahala Outdoor Center to Fontana Dam bears

    Thread Starter: Airgirl

    Hi, I'm wondering if I will need to hang my food in bear bags in this area? it looks like there are no bear cables here even at the shelters? If need

    Last Post By: brancher Today, 06:36 Go to last post

    Chrome Umbrellas in the US!

    Thread Starter: Wired

    I've gotten many inquiries on how to get the Chrome Dome Umbrella now that GoLite is out of business...Well, the good news is that they are finally back

    Last Post By: Sodium Today, 06:00 Go to last post

    Accurate Fitness or Activity Tracker for A.T.

    Thread Starter: shelb

    I am looking at purchasing one of those new fitness trackers. In the past, my cheaper pedometer was very inaccurate with elevation climbs. Can anyone

    Last Post By: Lone Woof Today, 05:59 Go to last post