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    Thread Starter: snicklefitz

    So I was watching my bazillionth video about food load outs, gear load outs, best places to mail drop, I'm over the paralysis by analysis, I'm just going

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    Hands-free umbrella: anyone out there try this thru-hiking?

    Thread Starter: Crumbcakes

    hey there!

    i've been learning so much about gear these past few months and am looking forward to hitting the trail in just 7 weeks now.

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    Which Tent?

    Thread Starter: Fiona

    I know there have been a lot of posts regarding tents, but there seems to be so many different opinions and I'm super confused. I plan to start at the

    Last Post By: Shooting Star Today, 00:42 Go to last post

    Jersey hike itin help

    Thread Starter: cnikirk

    I will be in New Jersey this year very close to the AT with a few days to spare. I was thinking of getting dropped off at the Culver's Gap parking lot

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    Do you filter your water?

    Thread Starter: backtrack213

    Going on a short section hike next week and I'm only bringing AM tablets. I wanna know how many people actually filter there water on trail and if its

    Last Post By: SouthMark Today, 00:30 Go to last post

    Setting up tent in rain

    Thread Starter: radevil5

    Any tips to setting up your tent in the rain? I have the eureka solitaire 1 person tent. Wondering if there is anything that will help from getting it

    Last Post By: nsherry61 Today, 00:20 Go to last post