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    Difficulty rating for daily mileage planning

    Thread Starter: LittleRock

    Probably similar to most section hikers or mid-range distance backpackers who are out on the trail for 5-10 days at a time, I've had hikes where I've

    Last Post By: tdoczi Today, 12:07 Go to last post


    Thread Starter: Kat9Maui

    Hey everyone, I was curious as to how much children should carry on a back packing trip that would have over night camping... Just for the fun of it

    Last Post By: HooKooDooKu Today, 12:07 Go to last post

    What kind of footwear does everyone use?

    Thread Starter: OverTheHills

    Hey guys, I'm preparing for a 2016 NoBo Thru that'll start somewhere between the mid-February to early March window. I've been on several week to three

    Last Post By: NightCreature0 Today, 11:55 Go to last post

    3% vs. 20%

    Thread Starter: squeezebox

    I've heard the claim that 3% of the Baxter visitors, (thru hikers), use 20% of Baxter resources. How is that possible? What's going on?

    Last Post By: rickb Today, 11:35 Go to last post

    open ended section vs. thru hike

    Thread Starter: squeezebox

    The stats say only 20% finish a thru hike. So I think many of us realize the chance of finishing a thru is pretty small if we have bad knees, bad feet,

    Last Post By: MyFeetHurt Today, 11:27 Go to last post

    Lower Sugar Snacks

    Thread Starter: jagermann

    I'm not diabetic or anything... It just seems like every time I come home after a 3-5 day trip on the trail, I crave sweets and I'm guessing its probably

    Last Post By: ChrisJackson Today, 11:26 Go to last post