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    Water filter choice, what's popular?

    Thread Starter: Gaiter

    So first of all, I actually don't mind pumping my water , many times were having a filter has come in handy, many times I've loaned it to others

    Last Post By: Cadenza Today, 17:42 Go to last post

    Are Trekking Poles orky?

    Thread Starter: jthue

    Have you ever been viewed as a dork for using trekking poles? I see the value in them, but I'm getting some push back.

    Last Post By: Harrison Bergeron Today, 17:38 Go to last post

    High Point NJ going North...water

    Thread Starter: davidfball

    We are going to be on the trail starting at High Point NJ going north to the State Line Trail. We're looking for current information on water sources

    Last Post By: Back on the trail Today, 17:36 Go to last post
    Back on the trail

    not alot of water at the North end

    Thread Starter: Back on the trail

    I pass at least five streams that were dry. As long as you have 2 liters on board you'll make it. Just from before Rutherford to Gren Anderson there

    Last Post By: Back on the trail Today, 17:31 Go to last post
    Back on the trail

    NJ from top to bottom

    Thread Starter: Back on the trail

    Well I just got back from Hiking NJ. Since there doesn't seem to be alot of "how things are" for NJ, here we go.

    Trail conditions

    Last Post By: Back on the trail Today, 17:28 Go to last post

    Cottage Quilt Makers

    Thread Starter: FlyFishNut

    Hi -
    I'd like to get a nice quilt to use in warmer months in my hammock as well as use to supplement my cold weather sleeping bag during winter

    Last Post By: tracedef Today, 17:27 Go to last post