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    The Phoenix

    Best restaurant on the AT?

    Thread Starter: The Phoenix

    This is one is tough to answer for a number of reasons... but simply put... when you reflect on meals you've had in a trail town during an AT hike (weekend,

    Last Post By: LIhikers Today, 00:43 Go to last post

    The Hardest mile?

    Thread Starter: Neemor

    Hello! I have been putting together the videos I filmed on my thruhike.

    Here is the Mahoosuc Notch video!


    Last Post By: LIhikers Today, 00:19 Go to last post

    Down Jackets

    Thread Starter: jorge99s

    I'm in the market for a new packable down jacket. Does anyone have a suggestion for a quality jacket?

    Last Post By: LIhikers Today, 00:10 Go to last post

    Number of streams along the trail?

    Thread Starter: Tatumj96

    Hello everybody,
    I am a student in college studying geology and have an idea for research. I want to take a sample at every stream I cross while

    Last Post By: RockDoc Yesterday, 23:58 Go to last post
    Pedaling Fool

    What is the healthiest thing one can do?

    Thread Starter: Pedaling Fool

    I've always thought of health as important and as I age it has become more and more important. I look around at people, both old and not so old and see

    Last Post By: RockDoc Yesterday, 23:50 Go to last post
    The Doctor :)

    Suddenly solo

    Thread Starter: The Doctor :)

    So I have section hiked about 100 miles about 10 years ago. I've done some light backpacking since as well. My husband and I were supposed to do a 7

    Last Post By: OldGringo Yesterday, 23:38 Go to last post