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    White Shimmer

    My Lamentations About My Future Experiences.

    Thread Starter: White Shimmer

    I am sure this has been in discussion prior, but this is more about MY feeling of becoming marginalized so please be patient.

    I had my first

    Last Post By: lemon b Today, 04:53 Go to last post
    Vegan Packer

    Great Hat Idea

    Thread Starter: Vegan Packer

    I just decided to order one of these separate hat brims, called "Da Brim." I haven't received it yet, and I don't know if it will end out hitting

    Last Post By: lemon b Today, 04:44 Go to last post
    TJ aka Teej

    Snowing on Katahdin today, 10/3/15

    Thread Starter: TJ aka Teej

    Probably won't stick.

    Last Post By: lemon b Today, 04:30 Go to last post

    Boots: Old School/New School - Why?

    Thread Starter: donthaveoneyet

    I don't think I still have any of the hiking boots that I bought and used in the mid-1970's thru early 80's. I'm not sure what brands were popular, but

    Last Post By: lemon b Today, 04:23 Go to last post

    Achilles Tendon tear

    Thread Starter: Praha4


    One of the most common hiking and athletic injuries is achilles tendonitis/tendonosis. I've had to deal with bouts of it the last

    Last Post By: lemon b Today, 04:14 Go to last post
    Vegan Packer

    Advice for DIY Inflation Check Valve

    Thread Starter: Vegan Packer

    I am very happy with the Thermarest Neoair XLite, but even with using their pump sack, I can't easily fill it all the way, because I end out letting a

    Last Post By: Vegan Packer Today, 02:01 Go to last post