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    NC Hiker/Angler

    RMNP Help

    Thread Starter: NC Hiker/Angler

    Any Colorado locals regularly post here? Wife and I are heading to RMNP end of next week for our 10 year anniversary (leaving next Friday). We're staying

    Last Post By: Cookerhiker Today, 17:32 Go to last post

    Recommendations Please for Lodging to Lodging Hiking Trails

    Thread Starter: imscotty

    Hello Everyone,

    I enjoy hiking alone but next summer I am determined to have my wife join me for a hike. The problem: 'running water' at

    Last Post By: Cookerhiker Today, 17:27 Go to last post
    2015 Lady Thru-Hiker

    ATKO at Amicalola Falls

    Thread Starter: 2015 Lady Thru-Hiker

    Wanted to find out if anyone else going to the ATKO would be interested in sharing a cabin or room at the lodge. I am planning to be there from March

    Last Post By: Lone Wolf Today, 17:26 Go to last post
    Gambit McCrae

    Dog Memorial on AT?

    Thread Starter: Gambit McCrae

    How would you folks feel if you hiked up to say...the top of Big Hump and stumbled upon a Memorial Stone of a passed away hiker dog? (Ashes barried under

    Last Post By: CrumbSnatcher Today, 17:19 Go to last post
    mountain squid

    2015 Thru-Hike Registry

    Thread Starter: mountain squid

    Time to make it official all you 2015ers!

    Trail Name

    Estimated Start Date
    Approach Trail - yes or no

    Last Post By: Jesse Cody Today, 16:57 Go to last post

    Handling Bear Line

    Thread Starter: dangerdave

    I'm trying not to become too OCD about organizing my pack, but I needed a simple, lightweight way to keep my 50' of paracord from tangling. I thought

    Last Post By: rocketsocks Today, 16:56 Go to last post