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    Winter Backpacking Gear list?

    Thread Starter: Airgirl

    What does your winter backpacking gear include? I am going to start doing some backpacking trips in the southern Appalachains soon and am new to winter

    Last Post By: Eywa Dude Today, 16:41 Go to last post

    weathering a storm in a hammock

    Thread Starter: leftorright

    I want to get out more this fall but I live in MO and for the next couple months can expect mostly wet, cold weather. Can anyone give me first hand experiences

    Last Post By: Short Bus Today, 16:37 Go to last post

    Beginner to Tarps

    Thread Starter: Bugman88

    I'm interested in learning more about tarps and tarp setups. Maybe it's just my googling skills, but I can't seem to find some really solid information

    Last Post By: 10-K Today, 16:28 Go to last post

    Sleeping bag / quilt

    Thread Starter: 10-K

    Assuming July 15th start in GNP would you recommend:

    1. 20* WM down bag
    2. 35* WM down bag
    3. 40* EE synthetic quilt

    Last Post By: 10-K Today, 16:26 Go to last post
    brother brzo

    hiking barefoot

    Thread Starter: brother brzo

    ok, i expect some of you will warn against this, but has anyone ever heard of someone trying to do a thru-hike barefoot. if so, did they succeed? if not,

    Last Post By: 1azarus Today, 16:18 Go to last post

    3 Ridges Hiking in March

    Thread Starter: Braveheart_SOBO13

    Does anyone know what the hiking conditions are for Three Ridges in early March? Is there a lot of snow? Im looking to do a day hike and end the day at

    Last Post By: Deer Hunter Today, 16:16 Go to last post